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• 9/25/2014

My art

I am gonna put up my art I make it in paint so plz don't say it is horrible or other things which may hurt my feelings. I have alot more pictures but I'll put them in a gallery on my page.

Silent cat one of my O.Cs old photo. other picture coffee and a biscut picture of graystripe from warriors a thing :P a drawing made to look bad you can laugh at him :3
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• 9/16/2014


For all pictures of pigs.

Its a pig! What more can i say?
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• 9/16/2014

Fruit Bowls.

For all the Fruit Bowl drawers out there.

A Fruit Bowl! Feel free to add more pictures of Fruit Bowls.
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• 9/16/2014

Random Doodles

Random doodles, yay!
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• 9/16/2014

Total Drama AJ Animals

These are for a music video that I never completed.

There are more but I can't be bothered posting them...
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• 9/15/2014

Duck art

Ducks...made of ducks. Enjoy.
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• 9/14/2014

Pokemon Mixes

I made these o3o  A cross between Pikachu and Sylveon. (Sylvichu) A cross between Oshowatt and Beautifly. (Beautifwatt)
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• 9/14/2014

Animal Jam animals.

For all animals. A fox Based on the Animal Jam fox
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• 9/14/2014

Deltora Quest

For those of you who don't know what the book series Deltora Quest is, well, read them. Because this is my art from the anime Deltora Quest. Enjoy!
Sorry I don't have the actual main character, Lief, yet. I accidentally took a vid with my camera instead of a picture...

Jasmine Barda Doom
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• 9/14/2014

Durrr hurrr, have my weird drawings and stuff. owo


Coco x Azur is canon, everybody. Here's your random drawings for today. owo
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• 9/12/2014

Best art nomination

I have decided that every week from now on, a piece of art will be nominated for the best that week. I or another admin artist like Dia, will decide who deserves this. Art that has been downloaded, that is not completely original, is not counted. 
As I have told Silver, anything that a user has created counts here, and whatever it is, if it is nominated best, then, it will win, no matter what form of art it is.
I myself am a very dedicated artist in real life who believes that what you think is art, can be art. A work of art isn't just about one opinion, and everyone deserves appreciation. I'm realizing that now, and trying new things myself. For instance I'm working on a horsehead pencil drawing that is a yard tall and a couple feet wide. :D It's a very fun experience to try new things!
So, feel free to express yourself through your art and show it off for the prize!
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• 9/12/2014

When you add art

I have been noticing that a lot of you have been posting AMAZING art, but only adding it to the photos, and not posting in blogs or threads. If you would like to 'show off' (what this wiki is about, right?) your art talent, then I would suggest adding blogs and threads. The threads have been managed so that there are art catagories. If you have a drawing that does not meet any of the options, let me know. But I am just suggesting to post in blogs and threads, like I have done once, because all the other users can then scroll throught their friend's art. And I'm not saying it's a rule, just a suggestion that should be used more.
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• 9/11/2014

My wolves and deer.

Adorable deer. I don't get why it looks like a Jackal... Adorable animated wolf that I looked at nothing to draw.
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