Welcome to the Animal Jam Art Wiki!

Welcome to the Animal Jam Art Wiki, or the AJArt Wiki for short. Join our community of artists, who have so far created 19 pages and made 1,373 edits since September 11th, 2014! If you are new, please follow the unsaid rules. If you have any questions, contact StarFalls.

If you are a user from Animal Jam wiki and love to draw, either AJ animals or not, please feel free to post in blogs or threads your artwork. All of the same rules apply here as the Animal Jam wiki. And, if you are staff on AJ wiki, you are also staff here.

Art, art and more art...Edit

All forms of art are accepted. Deviant, on paper, in Paint programs. Whatever you use don't be afraid to show off your talent! Anything you create is accepted!

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What is your favorite thing to draw?

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