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First masterpiece!

Today I was watching art videos by Chloetehbanana(my favorite AJ artist) and I was so inspired I thought I'd make some art of my own. I made a masterpiece on AJ of an eye and a quote-type-line-from-a-song-thing and it really felt like a nice way to spend my half an hour. I'm currently making another eye masterpiece right now.

Unfortunately, I cannot turn my masterpieces into literal "masterpieces" because I am nonmember, but I still enjoy doing it and taking screenshots.

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Newest art

So, yeah, I'm thinking about joining this wiki! I think it'd be a great place to start off making art and stuff, because I want to become better at making it and maybe eventually if I get membership make real masterpieces and my own art gallery.

Here's the first art I made today: 

I know it's not very good, but I'm hoping to improve!

-Imagineillenium(the account I make art on)